Title: Lustrous Pinnacle
Artist Statement:

I shot this in Julius’ bar in the West Village of NYC. It was the day after Liz Taylor had died and everyone was talking about her.

I met her at a birthday party for Carrie Fisher. I was early, for once, and Liz arrived next. Carrie was running around doing hostessy things so I was entrusted with, as she put it, ‘flanking the legend’.

Liz and I had a good old chat. She had recently fallen, another in a litany of ailments and accidents she seemed plagued with throughout her life, and she described to me how her maid had moved a chair and she sat down at the table thinking it was still there and then fell to the ground.

‘Was there a lot of pain?’ I asked.

Her other-worldly, beautiful violet eyes widened. ‘Pain?’ she said. ‘You have never seen such a black ass!’

‘Oh Elizabeth’, I retorted. ‘I bet I have’.

I still remember her cackle.